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Download Driver Epson L220

Download Driver Epson L220

One of the Epson printer products that entered a good response from Indonesian consumers is the Epson L220. This printer includes a steady all- near-one printer. The print quality is satisfactory but still scrimping. In just one dispatch cache, you can publish up to 4000 lengths as long as the printer's condition is still preeminent. 

 As the name implies, the Epson L220 printer is part of the L Series that uses a dispatch tank system or also known as an infusion system. For your information, printers with a tank system from the incipiency were designed to meet the necessaries of the Indonesian demand. So, it isn't surprising that the printer was launched for the first time in Indonesia before being retailed to other countries. 

The Epson L220 is included in the L Series line, which was presented after the tank system printer was circulating in Indonesia for five dates. As the succeeding generation, the Epson L220 is definitely better than all L Series printers that have been circulating before its appearance. 

The changes aren't limited to the continuance and speed of the printer in issuing documents. In terms of design, there are also really striking changes. Those of you who are familiar with the Epson L Series printers definitely do not take long to know the difference between the Epson L220 and its archetype printers. The reason is, the Epson L220 isn't equipped with a commentary gate. 

In the preceding generation of L Series printers, the promotion tap actually functions as a safety specific for the promotion tank when the printer is taken to another place, but from obedience in the field, it turns out that multitudinous junkies actually get confused in distinguishing whether the promotion tap is on or out. 

Trespasses in determining the on/ off status of the promotion tap make trivial, but it can actually prompt damage to the printer so that it hinders work. Apart from being a waste of time, analogous damage can bring the addict additional Croesus to repair the printer. 

That is why Epson ultimately decided to exclude the plug stopcock on the Epson L220 printer. Notwithstanding, the Epson representative validated that the new Epson L220 plug tank design remains safe yea if you much move the printer placement spot. 

Epson L220. Printer Specifications 

Printer Epson L220 

The Epson L220 is a hype infusion printer that can be connected to a computer via a USB2.0 connection and can be made to print, check, and carbon. The print speed for the black and white print screenplay is 27 ppm, while for the color print screenplay it's 15 ppm. The printing fashion used is on-demand inkjet which supports a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. 


As for the check functionality delivered, the Epson L220 uses a flatbed image scanner with an accouterments resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi, a scanning area of 216 x 297 mm, and an input casserole of 50 distances. Like a flatbed scanner in general, the scanning technology used on the Epson L220 is a Contact Imaging Detector (CIS CIS) which relies on a fiber ocular lens. 

Download Driver Printer Epson L220

What also needs to be considered for stoners who pay attention to the thrifty side of a printer is the electrical power consumed. When used, the Epson L220 printer requires 12W. When reliance,3.8 W. During sleep,0.8W. And when power out,0.3W. 

The Epson L220 printer is also accompanied by a specially developed motorist to support its use on all supported operating system platforms. By downloading and installing the Epson L220 motorist, all the functionality available on this printer can be run duly. Download the last and free Epson L220 printer motorist via the link below 

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